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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies, 5 Signs Your Husband is Leaving You Slowly.

A man will loose interest in you but he will never tell you directly but try to shift from you slowly by changing his way of interaction with you. The following are some indicators to help you know it easily.

1. They stop arguments.

Men will always defend themselves by arguing just to be seen as perfect. But incase where he remains silence and does not argue with you, then he has no business with you. He is considering it as a waste of time.

2. Spends a lot of time with friends.

You will notice this by considering the change in time he spends with you. If you notice that he has started spending more time with friends more than you, then be aware you are fading off from his mind.

3. Your husband does not talk about future plans anymore.

When you realize that he does not talk about his future plans with you, then this is the time to question. You notice that nowadays he does not plan for a day to hang out with him or for a vacations. This is enough to raise an alarm.

4. He doesn't appreciate your appearance.

He don't care about your appearance the way he used to do. This make it heard for him even to tell you that you are beautiful or your clothe code is attractive. When he doesn't appreciate your beauty the just be cautious and even try to talk to him.

5. Avoids you from touching his phone.

This is one of the best indicator you can use. When he is hiding his phone away from you and prevent you from staring at it when he is using it, then he is hiding something from you. He will go to an extent of changing his phone password and he will not disclose it to you.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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