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Dating Romantic

Friends Make Good Lovers

Dating is part of our life especially after someone has attained 18 years of age. You cannot stay without having feelings for someone since it is natural to feel so. Are you stack on who to choose and when?

To choose a partner is not easy at all , you are faced with tough decisions to make but what must come into your mind is that, you should choose someone you can engage with quickly.

Do not choose someone because of money, money comes and go but true love will always manifest in true lovers. Do not be lured by looks and statuses of others. Choose someone you feel comfortable with around you. Someone you do not fear to ask or enquire anything. Choose someone who is your friend, someone you have known very well.

Friends make good lovers but lovers do not make good friends. If you break up with someone, keeping him or her as a friend is not advisable at all . The jealousy he or she will have with your new bae may even cost your relationship.

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