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6 Secret Things Your Boyfriend Will Tell You If He Truly Loves You

Relationship is always sweet but unpredictable. You may fall in love with a person you truly trust but ends up betraying.

Do you often wonder, "does he love me?" How to know if he loves you and if he's a total keeper lies in the things he says to you, like "You inspire me" or even just "I love you". Here's how. 

1. "You are enough for me" and "I am enough for you"

Do you feel satisfied when he Only say, "I love you?" Of course not. A loving boyfriend will absolutely assure you that, he don't want to date anyone else and you to date anyone else. This shows that your Relationship will last longer.

2. "Don't Leave Me"

He always enjoy your company and move in with you.

He doesn't allow anyone to be within your circle if not only he. He actually, promises to spend quality time with him.

He enjoys your Craziness and he don't feel secured and safe without you.

3. "You Inspire Me"

It's very rare to find a person who can tell you that, "You inspire me."

Anyone can say you are Gorgeous, Anyone can say you are attractive, anyone can propose to you, anyone can say he need you and anyone can say you are nothing BUT your soulmate is inspired by you.

4. "I want to Introduce you to my family and friends"

Bogus Relationships always ended up in few steps. A true loving soulmate will want you to meet his family and closest friends.

5. "When we achieve this..."

A loving soulmate always focuses on the future. He has Vision of your Success and achievements.

Truly Loving Soulmate always think of, "When we tie knot, when we have kids, When we build a smart house, when we buy a car," and so on.

6. "I Adore You"

This is a pillar of true and lasting relationship. Relationship is LOVE!

If someone can't say that, "I love you!" you will feel hurt and uncomfortable. However, this has been misused by many when they don't put it into Actions.

Guys will always says those things when they truly loves you. When you are dating or proposing, words can be very chaotic. You find it tough when you are ready to say, 'I Love you' but he hasn't mean it.

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