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Why Some Guys Can't Get A Girlfriend

If you find yourself struggling to get a girlfriend, some of the following reasons might be the culprits. The most common one being guys not knowing how to flirt. The good news is; anyone can learn how to as flirting is a form of art. If done effectively, it keeps the spark of the relationship hence it should continue even after winning her.

There are a lot of people who can't take care of their bodies. Mostly, guys who don't exercise often resulting to bad looks doesn't have confidence to approach the girls. Being attractive doesn't major only on the natural looks, a little effort will take you a long way.

Nobody wants to spend time or their life with someone who complains all the time. Hence, if you are generally a pessimistic person your negativity could be driving women away. In addition, insecure men are a turn off to the ladies. Focus on your positive qualities to build up your confidence.

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