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Signs That Show You Are Forcing Yourself On Someone In A Relationship

In a relationship, both partners are supposed to participate. However, some people find themselves in a relationship where they are the only ones contributing to the success of the relationship. This is when we say that you are forcing the relationship to work. Maybe your partner in no longer interested in you and it is best you plan on the next thing to do instead of wasting your time and energy.

How do you know that you are forcing yourself on someone? Below are some of the things that will give you a hint of it.

1. You are the one who is always initiating conversations. When all partners are committed, no one waits for the other to talk. Any of you can start the conversation. If you find out that you start almost all the talks, just know you are forcing yourself.

2. You sometimes question yourself whether he/she is the true love of yourself. When you love someone you have no doubts at all. You are very sure that he/she is the one and nothing can take that from you. Doubting is a sign that you are not fully into relationship and you were not ready to get into it.

3. You are not always happy when with your partner. When you truly love someone you will always be happy around them even when you are sad. However, if you don't find comfort in your partner or feel bored around them at times, it is a clear sign you are forcing yourself to be with them.

True love should never be forced, it should come naturally. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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