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Signs Your Ex Wants To Fall In Love With You Again

After break up of your relationship with your man,you can know whether he wants to fall in love with you again by looking at his signs.Hete are signs your ex man wants to fall in love with you again.

1.He apologize his mistakes he had done that caused the end of your relationship.When he asks for forgiveness, shows that he want to fall in love with you again.

2.He keeps on contacting you daily.He always call you and text you claiming that it was just for mistake.

3 He times during your special occasion like birthday party and buy for you a gift.

4.He will always find where you are to sit next to you trying to capture your attention.

5.He try to create jokes infront of you to make you love and smile.

6.He become angry when he sees other men trying to make relationship with you.

7.He dresses well and walk infront of you so as to impress you.

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