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Husband and wife relationship

Five Most Common Mistakes Single Ladies Make That Chase Potential Husbands Away

Being single, married or in a relationship is a personal choice. However, sometimes our wishes are never granted. We might want to date or get married but lack the person to marry us or date us. Sometimes, its our fault that people leave us.

Therefore, today, I will focus on ladies. Sometimes we might blame other people for our own mistakes. Therefore, here are five most common mistakes that ladies make, chasing potential husbands away from us;

1. Equating money to love.

Some ladies think that money is love, well, it is not. One might reject a potential husband just because he is broke and follow money leading to frustration. Once a man notice that you are interested in his pocket and not genuine love, he will run away from you. Nothing is permanent and money can finish anytime. Therefore, ladies, money is not love.

2. Putting high expectations.

Lower your expectations on a man. Infact, as a woman, have something that you can also contribute on the table. If you put your expectations high, the man might live under pressure to fulfill your wishes. If he can't accomplish, he will run away from you.

3. Nagging.

If there is one thing men hate is a nagging woman. Ladies, be contented with what you have instead of complaining for what you don't have. Moreover, not everything is worth complaining. People have weaknesses, therefore, understand them.

4. Thinking she can change a man.

It is not possible to change an adult. As a woman, therefore, never attempt to change a man to fit what you want. The struggle of changing him might chase him away. Let him be himself.

5. Micromanaging a man.

A man is an adult, you don't need to micromanage him. If he can't tell you where he is going or who he is with, then let him be, as long as he is safe. Always let him be free.

In conclusion, as a single woman who is yearning for a partner, always avoid things that easily annoy a man. With that, you will get a person to spend your life with.

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