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My Wife Became Lazy, So I Cheated On Her With Our House Help - Man Narrates

Victor sadly recounted on live television how he had cheated on his wife and felt betrayed by her in their home. He claims that his wife was slow when she was born, which irritated him to no end.

Victor states that everything changed after his wife was born, and that he would occasionally return home to discover his wife sleeping on his couch, despite the fact that she was not responsible for the family's meals.

He claims he spent the majority of his time in the kitchen cooking while his wife slept in the other room. Victor was opposed to his wife employing a housekeeper, but his wife agreed. Victor began seeing their housekeeper in secret, over his wife's objections.

When they were drawn into the action with the household on the day in issue, they both left home for work, but Victor pretended to have forgotten his keys at home and proceeded into the dwelling.

Olivia, his wife, returned to check on her husband; she saw them both in the act in their matrimonial beds, and they immediately packed their stuff and escaped.

Despite Victor's pleadings for Olivia's forgiveness, Olivia refuses to forgive him because the episode is still fresh in her mind. She believes she would rather be alone than live with Victor again.

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