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5 Sure Signs That You Are Dating A Stingy Man

Relationships are not about money but every boyfriend should feel obliged to pamper his lady. While some men are honestly broke, others are just stingy and will hardly spend a cent on their women.

1. No gifts- A stingy boyfriend will never get you a gift even if it is your special day. The bad thing about it is that he will be glad to receive gifts from you shamelessly. Whether he has money or not, getting you a gift will be his last thought.

2. Only calls during peak hours- A stingy boyfriend will not call you and if he does, he will do it during the peak hours between 10pm and 8am when the call rates are abit low. That is only if he has to call because he would rather do text.

3. He won't give you unless you ask- A great man will give you cash even without asking for it. He will always chip in financially without your consent. But a stingy boyfriend will wait until you ask otherwise you will see nothing.

4. He doesn't spend on himself- Stingy are so mean such that they deny themselves basic needs. They might be earning a six figure salary but they don't want to spend. Even spending few shillings for meal is such a big deal to them.

5. Doesn't spend on his family- A stingy man might have millions in his bank account but his parents are languishing in poverty. If you have such a man, the chances that he will never spend a dime on you are high.

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