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Challenges couples face

Is love really enough to overcome all the challenges that couples have or is there something more.

Some of the challenges are -:

a. When a woman decides to persue her career.

- Men don't like it when their spouses decide to upgrade their education especially if it will pass their education level.

- Some men prefer their spouses to be housewife's rather than them working or pursuing their careers.

* This is a challenge that makes many women to abandon their marriages inorder to persue their dreams.

b. Money

- If the woman has more income than the man it causes a rift between them because a man will feel inferior to the woman.

- If the couple doesn't have a steady income to meet their daily needs it causes disagreements between them.

c. Trust

- Many couples don't trust each other because it has been hard for people to open up to one another.

- Due to mistrust secrets have become many.

*. It has been hard for couples in marriages and relationships to forgive each other, and for things to go back as they were before.

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