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Here are 4 Things you Should Never Do to Please a Woman

Ladies are known to be full of demands and requests. Actually, they love a man more if he does something particularly to please her.

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This means they can beg and at times throw threats that you don't love them if you fail to do this or that for her.

As a man it's good to show your love and care to your woman but there are some extremes you should not exceed. Below are four things you should never do to please a woman.

1. Commit a Crime.

You will hear a man say to a lady, 'anything you want, I will do it Beb'. Anything? Here is where the problem is. What if she wants you to commit a Crime? What if she wants you to provide something beyond your affordability? Will you commit crime to get the money?

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It is romantic to show a lady that you are willing to do everything to please her. But let your promise exclude crime. Never commit any sort of crime to please a lady for at the end, it will be tears to you and your family if not to both you and her.

2. Pay her school fees.

Many are the men who have been committed to educate a lady with the hopes of marrying her at the end. Some of these arrangements have succeeded but most of them have failed terribly.

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You will take a lady to college and pay all her fees but while there, she meets the love of her life and before you know it, she is happily married.

Unless it is your legally married wife, do not commit yourself to educating a lady with hopes of marrying her at the end.

It's good to educate but do so as a charity work without dipping your hopes on Marriage, and if she willingly decided it you, well and good.

3. Compromise your needs for her.

Share what you have with her but never compromise everything for her sake. Imagine sending her bus fare and you walk the whole week to work? Sending her money for food and you sleep hungry?

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And at all this time, whoever you are giving the sacrifice is not your wife. What if you send her your fare and she uses it to visit her boyfriend?

4. Disrespect your family

Never ever cut your family ties to make a woman happy. At some time in life, she may leave you, and the people you will have close are your family.

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Unless your family members are toxic to you, you should never disrespect them on account of your wife or lady.

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