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Forget about beauty these are the qualities of a woman ready to get married.

Men have gone wrong in making their decisions on which partner suits their marriage. Many prefer and go for the looks for which they later regret for their decision. Does not mean that beauty corresponds with intended characters of a woman who is ready to get married. The following are the qualities of a wife;

1. God fearing.

A good woman should be religious and do her things in a Godly manner. That implies she should understand what is good and bad. This quality is very paramount when it come to a good wife. Consequently, she should be prayerful.

2. Submissive to the man.

Submissive pertains aspects such as obedience and humility. She should not be arrogant to his man. This quality is an indication that a woman is ready to get married.

3. Hard-working.

Hardwork in simpler terms means the ability to make home activities done in good time and correctly. A woman can be beautiful but too lazy, this disqualify her of being a good wife.

4. Faithful to the man.

Faithfulness means being open and truthful to your man. This quality is very rare among current women because they are fond of cheating and dating more than one man. That means that being unfaithful cannot make your marriage be at peace with your man since it will be associated with many complications. No man can accept to be cheated in marriage.

5. Be good home maker.

Should ensure that the home is always peaceful and conducive to live in. Should be able to groom the house well as well as the compound. This also accounts for proper sanitation within a home.

6. Ability to sustain and stay with broke man.

Not all men are wealthy. Majority of men are very broke and thus a good woman is the one who accepts to live with a broke man. Many of our current woman are after money and thus find it difficult to settle with a broke man.

7. Should be a good chef.

No man would prefer eating poorly cooked food by his wife. It's the effort of a woman to know how to cook delicious meals for their men because that what men enjoy most.

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