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Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Deserves Atleast a Quarter of Your Monthly Salary

Do you think girlfriends deserve to be paid? I think that they must be appreciated for everything that they do when helping their boyfriends.

Here are the reasons why you should give a portion of your salary to your girlfriend.

To make her fell loved and special. Giving her some of your money is a sign that you love and appreciate her. It does not have to be a huge amount of money, just a small portion. She will recognize the sacrifice that you have made to appreciate her.

She has to take care of herself and her beauty. Guys always love it when their girlfriends look beautiful and smart all the time. As a guy you should also think about the cost of looking beautiful. It is not cheap to look gorgeous out here. Some money has to be spend for you to be attractive all the time.

Sha takes care of you every time. She is the person who is always there when you are having a difficult day. She will make sure that you are feeling ok and can even prepare a meal for you. You don't have to take this for granted, appreciate her. Am sure most of the times when you are ill she makes sure that she is close to help you take medications and to ensure that you feel fine. At this time she could even help in cleaning your house. Giving a portion of your salary is just a tocken of appreciation.

She can offer you advice when faced with difficult situations. She listens to you explain yourself about the hard situation you are going through. Therapy is expensive out here but she offers the service to you for free.

When you're in financial need she will be there to aid you. She is the person you should give some portion of you salary because when you need some cash she will be willing to help you out. Giving your girlfriend some money is like keeping it for yourself, there is no difference.

Let me know what you think, do girlfriends deserve a small portion of your salary??

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