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Why boy-girl relationship is important to teens and youths

While some parents may see it bad for their children to engage in relationships, they should also be taught on the beneficial effects of such relationships. In this article we are going to touch on important side of relationships in youths. Here are discussed benefits of relationship:

1. It prepares youths for being a responsible wife or a husband in future. They learn qualities for example a lady learns how to behave when with a husband and how handle her husband. With her boyfriend, she will what is expected from her by the husband or boyfriend. Boyfriend on the other hand will get to know what is expected of her by a girlfriend or her wife to be.

2. Prepares them for their roles. Relationships keeps them aware of their future role as parents. A boy get to know that it is her duty to provide for her girlfriend/wife and the family in general. He also serves as a guard who provides security to his girlfriend and family. Lady on the other will get to know that it is her duty as a wife to help her husband in house chores like cooking, cleaning. This begins earlier through dating.

3. Relationship helps them avoid unnecessary sexual behaviours. Sexual feelings which could have lead to unplanned sexual activities have been reduced by relationship which could have lead to early pregnancies and even sexual diseases. This is because the two parties in relationship satisfy each other hence no misuse of sex.

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