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Why First love Unforgettable.

love is a feeling of affection toward someone or something. Once the heart has love is hard to let go. First is vital since this can determine alot of factors. First love is like the love to the parent that bond is felt. First love can make someone to hate or love for the rest of the life.

Its can make someone change the perspective of life change character.

Philosophy says love is blind. When some one loves everything changes there is nothing bad can be said to the lover and accept. When you love with all your heart you should be cautious to whom you love. Forgetting first love is hard task especially when you were so much into each other. Some of the reasons why its hard are.

You had planned a future together thus disorienting the future. Starting another is difficult.

The strong feeling attached to each other feel develops gradually thus the same feelings fade away in exponential manner.

The investment in term of both time love and money. Al the time spent the outing went and the affection you had together woul be a difficult to forget.

Those are to mention but a few. Click on the comment to add your views and regards will be sent to you.

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