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4 Signs She Is Wasting Your Time

Most men date women for a very long time, invest alot of resources in them but the relationship don't turn into successful marriage. At this time as a man you've already lost all the resources and potential women who would've been a good partner. However there are signs that indicate she is just wasting your time, they include.

1. If she is the type that can't get over her ex then she is not serious with you. It is probably because she still got feeling for him and chances are they still having intimate relationship. When her emotions are elsewhere you'll never connect on a deeper level.

2. When she wants you to be just friends and open kind of relationship. This what most women say to let a guy down gently, she is just being nice, and not telling you bluntly that she is not interested but the truth is she doesn't see you as a potential romantic partner.

3. She is only interested on your money, she only calls to ask for money from you but , she can't call you to know how you're doing.

4. If she is always gives excuses about being busy the chances are she only sees you as a guy she can have any time she needs you. You need to turn the table around and make yourself unavailable.

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