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10 Signs That a Relationship Is Not Worth fighting for Anymore

Signs That a Relationship Is Not Worth Fighting For Anymore.

Conflict and misunderstanding is common and actually normal in any relationship. I'd even be more worried if I'd find myself in a relationship that's "perfect."

Lol that'll probably be a setup up or something. And that's actually the beauty of a sucsesful relationship. You meet hurdles, you fight for your love and conquer the odds together and come out stronger than before .

However , a time reaches when you have to stop and realize that there's a very thin line that separates determination from desperation and the only thing to do when you get to this line is to say goodbye and move on with at least your ego , and self pride still in one piece.

10 Signs That a Relationship Is Not Worth fighting for Anymore.

1. Your partner avoids spending time with you. 

When your partner brings up other stuff and excuses every time you try to get them to spend time with you then that's a major red flag . Excuses like I'll be at work etc. I mean  Someone who wants things to continue working out will always create time .If this is the case , then the relationship it a wrap.

2. You feel like a totally different person than you were before. 

You're changing into this other person that even you do not recognize just to please your partner. That's just not right . You shouldn't have to change for anyone he /she should love and appreciate you just the way you are.

3.If you can't think of a good reason why you are still holding onto your relationship.

If the only reason that comes to your mind when you think of breaking up is

"I've already invested so much time in this person,"

 or "I've wasted so much time.

or "I'll never make my timeline of when I want to get kids, then You probably need to end it. You'll probably live the rest of your life with the wrong person because of self doubt or social pressures.

4. Most of your conversations turn into fights.

When you start a normal conversation like hey, what are you cooking today, only to have it turn into a full blown fight few minutes later then that's a major red flag.

If this becomes the new norm, then Its time to wrap it up.

5. Your heart no longer flutters at the thought of your partner.

When those butterflies that you used to feel inside you when you think of him, that feeling that you couldn't quite put to words at the thought of him is not there any more then thats Unfixable and it's time to move on.

6. You're just not happy anymore.

it hapends, nothing's changed, but you are just not happy anymore you've tried everything but It isn't getting any better and

it doesn't feel like the problem can be fixed, then it's time to break things off and take some time to find happiness elsewhere. 

7. There's no trust, on one side or both.

Trust is very important when it comes to a relationship. If you can't trust your partner or they can't trust you because of something that hapend , then things are not going to work out anymore no mater how hard you try.

8. No one supports your relationship.

As much as you shouldn't let what other people think determine your decisions , sometimes its worth considering listening to them. One or two people may not mean anything, but if everyone seems disapproving of the relationship then there's probably a good reason that they see that you aren't able to .

9. You are not on your partner’s priority list.

When she'd rather go to the salon or spend time with the girls and he'd rather go to a game or the bar than spend quality time with each other then thats a wrap ladies and gentleman , there's nothing there left to fight for.

10.Your partner stops show interest in your life.

Your partner stopped or doesn't show up on important events, doesn't ask you about your day, or how you slept and it practically feels like  you're always begging them to get involved with your interest , then its not worth the fight.

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