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Things Men Only Do To The Woman They Love

Love is a very special thing in one's life. When a man loves you, there are some special things he will do to you alone that he will not do or rarely does to other people. Below are some of the things he will do.

1. A man who truly lives you will give you respect. This is a thing that most people ignore and take for granted in a relationship but it is very crucial. He will respect you, your choices, suggestions and any other thing about you.

2. A man who really loves you will take your advice. Most men always want to solve their problems alone and rarely will they take advice from a woman. Taking your advice means that he trusts you, your opinions and abilities and he knows he won't regret it. In other terms he has faith in you.

3. A man who loves you will be jealous. Jealous is a trait that comes naturally when a person feels like he is about to lose something or someone important to him. A guy who feels jealous when with you loves you a lot and he does not want to lose you to anyone.

4. If a man loves you a lot, he will love you in your worst and best situations. He admires and accept you the way you are. Nothing you do affects how much he loves you. This is a thing only a man who loves you will do.

5. When making plans for the future, he will always include you. This is because you are part of his life and he believes you are bound to be one forever. It is not a thing most men do.

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