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My Husband Used All My Savings from Saudi Arabia On Other Women.

The agony in Faith Murunga's voice tells of the plight she has been through. While working in Saudi Arabia, she escaped death by a whisker after her boss poured hot water on her. This left her with sores and burns all over her hands. Little did she know that the savings sent to her husband in Kenya were used to entertain other women. Upon arrival, she discovered that the husband had already tied the knot with another woman. A distraught Faith had to move in with a friend.

The only thing she possesses is an old mattress that she managed to salvage from their old house. Working in the Middle East countries as house helps has over the years been regarded as a death trap. However, most Kenyans remain relentless despite the painful ordeals narrated by their friends about working in the Middle East. This because they are desperate for employment and their families are languishing in poverty. 

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