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What a Man does when he wants a serious relationship

He creat shared hobbies.

Numerous healthy couples will create their own “inside” hobbies that help them stay together. It's not quite the same as from one relationship to another, such as long walks to explore unseen corners of the city, going to the gym together, arranging board game nights with friends, have a puzzle night with a glass of wine and many more.

He listens to your opinion.

The foundation to any successful relationship is respect. In a relationship respect grows out of mutual admiration and trust in each other, and grows when each partner sees things to admire in the other. So if he is asking you your opinion on decisions he has to make, that’s a very good sign. And if he’s taking your opinion into consideration and changing his own because of it, that’s even better.

He’s open and honest with you.

The way you can earn someone’s trust is not all at once it’s a gradual process. It normaly happens when you come through over and over again. Coming through for someone means something different to everyone and in every different situation. In this one what it means is that he is able to be open with you, and trust you to accept his honesty even if it is something you might not want to hear. When a guy can trust a woman enough to be open and honest with her, it’s a big deal. It instantly makes him feel way more serious about you and about the relationship because guys know how rare that is.

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