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Is it advisable for a man to pay school fees for his lover?

The question whether men should pay school fees for their lovers has been in debate for long time, but no people have not yet achieved a stable answer on the same.

Men occasionally find themselves in a situation where they fall in love with students, and since "love and giving " cannot be separated, they end up catering for fee and other expenses for their lovers. However, in some cases it doesn't end well since these ladies end up getting into love affairs with other male students in the same school.

After the man who was supporting the girl in paying school fees get the sad news that the girl he was "sponsoring" is dating another guy, the man might decide to murder the girl and later commit suicide. It is very painful to sacrifice all your money and invest all your feelings on a lady but she rewards you back with a heartbreak.

As a man,I can't advise a man to pay school Fees for a girl who I haven't yet married.

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