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Are Older Men And Younger Women Relationships All About What To Gain?

Remember the so called scandal of the century, when Mr.Atwoli married the now Mrs. Mary Atwoli Kilobi. The buzz was just unbelievable, some thinking that it was wrong for an established young woman to go for a very old man while others saw no issue with it. 

 Today's romantic relationships can be based on material purposes , physical gratification(sex) and emotional satisfaction(love).

On the stereotypes are either indicating that;women want the mens money and resources to build their careers and lives and that men enjoy the taste of fresh meat(sex). This could be the case in some relationships but let's remember that despite the large age gap, love knows no number.

One of the psychological reasons why such relationships occur is; for the women the lack of the presence of a father emotionally and mentally in their lives later causes regression, making them go for older men to fill the void.For men ,they experience a mental shock that they are aging and may die sooner or later.This results to them unconsciously falling inlove with younger women because they will naturally bring a feeling of youth and health in their lives distracting them from their aging bodies.The romantic company provides both physical(sex, vitality), mental(youthful mind) , and emotional(soul connections) satisfaction . This is quite unknown by people hence the judging eye that only focuses on the known stereotypes, forgetting that to some who are inlove age is nothing but a number.

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