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2 Ways to tell if she is into you or just flirting

The difference between a person who is flirting and one who is into you is so difficult to get clearly that you just have to take necessary steps to understand which one it is. Below are some helpful ways to understand whether she is into you or simply flirting.

Ask her out

Asking a girl out is a way of showing interest in her. If she is into you and wants things to move to the next step she is likely to agree, if she is just flirting she will make effort to make you understand that a relationship is not what she intended to have.

Speak freely

Pouring your heart out to her puts everything in black and white. A girl who is into you will feel at ease with you during this session but a girl who was just flirting will inform you that she is not into you as you might have thought.

It is better to go out and have things cleared so as to avoid mixed feeling that may in the long run bring you hurt and pain.

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