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Best and Effective Ways to get a Woman's Number Fast

Sometimes guys wonder what is the best way to get a woman's number. This is a very simple things that you can do in many different ways. These are some of the best and effective ways to get her number.

1. Get it with games.

Ask her to to play a game and if you win could get her number.

2. You want to tell secrets.

It is so cheesy but you should try. Girls tend to always want to know about secrets. Tell her that you will give her some but how would you do that if you do not have her number?

3. Ask to put her number while you are going to the toilet.

She may want to help you hold your phone while going to the toilet. Then, ask her to put her number onto it as well.

4. Borrow her phone and call your number.

You can try to borrow her phone and calling your own number through it. Do not forget to wink at her after that.

5. Be her emergency number.

Do not be hesitated to tell her that you would always come to her when she is calling on danger.

6. Tell her that you do not normally ask every girl for her number except her.

She is so pretty that you will be pissed at yourself if you never see her again. Now, tell her that you never ask every woman for their number but she is special.

7. Her number is a rare Pokemon.

What are you waiting for, just tell her that her number is the one you have been searching for like a rare Pokemon.

8. Kiss Or Digits?

A little threatening probably will not scare her. So, she wants to give you a kiss or her digits. Ask her directly.

9. Compliment her genuinely then tell her you want to keep talking to her.

A honest compliment might turn her on such as telling her cute so after that you can ask for her number.

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