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Mistakes Most African Men Make In A Relationship

There are mistakes most African men make in a relationship.Here are mistakes most African men make in a relationship.

1.Beating their woman.African men are very sensitive to mistakes that their women commit.They rush immediately beating their woman without listen or solving the problem.In other continents, when a woman had committed any mistake, she is settled down and requested to apologize her mistakes.

2.Cheating in a relationship.Most African men are not faithful to their women.They have gone beyond in making relationship with other women leaving their women.African men can have more than two women.But in other continents, a man is satisfied with her only woman he has and love her most.

3.They are not trusting their women.Whenever a woman has gone out, her man is following him from back to see what she is doing whether it is right or wrong.In other case, a man trust his woman and trusts what she is doing on daily basis.

4.They are not giving thanks to their women for loving them.In other continents, men give thanks to their women for loving and staying with them.In Africa, some men take their women for granted and most does not recognize them.

5.They spend a lot of time away from their women.They does not creat time to discuss family issues with their women.

6.They does not respect their women.They always see that their women are saying nothing.So they do not easily listen to what their women are saying or take any action for what they have said.

7.Taking food outside and ignoring their women's food.They prefer taking food from other women's house ignoring their women's food.

8.They are not helping their women in housework whenever they are tired.In other continents, men help their women to perform housework.But in Africa, it is not easy for a man to help his woman in performing housework.

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