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Why Women should avoid spending more money on their men

Hello my good supporters I really appreciate you for choosing to be my favorite followers. Today we are going to see the issue that has affected many ladies in the world.

Currently, some women are showing more love to their lovers to an extent of spending their cash with them. This is a good thing in any relationship but it has also created a lot of bitterness among some people.

In the past few years, majority of us are aware that men are the leading in spending money. This has become outdated since any can spend. For example, when couples go for an outing any of them can clear the bill. But some men have taken this as an opportunity to hurt their women.

First as a lady if you see your man don't know how to spend money positively stop giving him any cash. By doing this you will make him struggle to get his own money. Some people misuse money which they have not sweat for. They need to be trained how to get and using cash.

Second, if you as a woman you suspect or find out that the man give other ladies money avoid giving them you own money. If he gets more money to entertain women this will lead break up.

Third, if the man is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Never give your man a lot of cash if he is weak to such behavior since he can not manage the money effectively. This will limit him and make him lack enough money to misuse in drugs and alcohol.

Lastly, if he does not love you do not spend any cash on him. We have witnessed many ladies crying and regretting after realizing they have been pleasing wrong people. Before using your money try to investigate if he loves you and he is not pretending.

By doing such decisions I believe that you will thank me later. Let us share and comment on this article thank you.

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