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I Was In Love With A Man Who Wanted Me Dead, Bishop Hellen Muthoni Explains

Hellen got married at an age of 20 when she was in form two and her husband was in form four. She used to live with her husband’s mother whom she said loved her so much. Her husband had not built a house.

She gave birth to three kids and raised them in her mother-in law house. But they lived together with no problems. For the first seven years they lived together and they did not have any fight. Her biological mother asked her what she would like do because she decided to get married when she was young, and she said she would love to have a job to keep her busy.

Her mother provided her with a shop and paid the first month rent. The job did well and the moment they started receiving a lot of money,her husband started drinking alcohol of which he had never drunk before. He could even sleep out for more than a day. He became worse and she used to take the ladies to their house and when his wife asked about it,she was abused very bad.

One day,one of the lady came to their house and Hellen locked them inside and she headed straight to her in laws and called them. When they saw them they were very shocked. The lady said they were not going to part but stay together whether they liked it or not.

Her husband attempted to kill her by throwing a spear to her but missed. He then took the spear,cut it into two and beat her up. She stayed in the house for a week.She closed her shop and decided to stay at home doing farming.

One evening they ate supper together with her children and when they were done, the children went to sleep and she was left at the table room. She was reading a Bible and God talk to her and she felt happy. Her husband went home and he told her that he felt like killing her. She was shocked to hear that. He hit her on the head and she started bleeding. She heard another courage inside her and she said to him if God had not planned her death she won’t die.

He poured fuel over her body and when he was looking for a matchbox, he did not find it and he was really mad. He took a panga and when he wanted to cut her, she protected herself with her hands but her husband was unable to reach her. She was protected by God and she only had small wounds.

He got mad and lift his hands up to cut her and the panga got her legs. She bleeded so much and she was taken to his pastor to ask him some questions because that day they had visited their pastor as a church. On their way there, he bought a matchbox and a cigarette. She sat down and could not walk again. Her husband went back home and left her on the road to die. She decided to sleep there where she laid a leso and slept there. Before she could sleep God talked to her and she was told to be strong. She slept until the next day she was taken to the hospital by the villagers who knew her.

She went back to check her children and stayed for a while but later she decided to walk away from her monster and left her children with him. Later she was joined by her children and they started a new life without a father.

She went through many challenges, domestic violence but she did not give up and started to learn more about Christianity and she is now a Bishop.

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Hellen Hellen Muthoni


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