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What The Shape Of Your Fingers Tell About Your Personality


Despite our appearance comes from genetics, some parts of our bodies can reveal interesting information about our personalities. According to studies the length the ring finger depends on the level of testosterone, the male hormone which have a direct impact on our personalities.

The people with the ringer longer than the index finger are often very attractive, charismatic and charming. This people are said to be welcoming. They easily interract with at least everyone in the society. They have excellent communication skills and they know how to get attention. These people are known to be risk takers.

This people normally excel in anything they choose to do. They are higher achievers and they always set high target. Some might call them too aggressive.

People with the rings shorter than than the index finger are likely to be confident and quite self sufficient. They are also good leaders and even tempered. They are normally not people who take the first step, whether it is a new business or relationship. However, when they do they stay with it and they like to be in charge. They have a very analytical mind and always think about all possible outcomes before making any decisions.

People With the index and ring fingers of about the same length are very caring, well balanced, peaceful and are said to be down to earth. They have very gentle personalities and try to avoid any conflict situation and risks. These people are said to be good friends and ready to help others. They are very loyal and faithful. Whether it is at work, in a friendship or in a relationship

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