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Signs That Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

If someone has a crush on you, they are shown as cute blushing individuals who basically stalk their loved one from afar. If someone likes you in secret, it will be a little trickier to see the signs on the outside because you are not watching them like a show or a movie. You shouldn't worry since today today i will help you identify those signs.

They look at you all the time.

You may have noticed this most of the time. If someone is interested in you she will will like to look at you each and every time. They are normally attracted to you by just seeing you. You may experience a weird feeling at first. What you actually need to do is calm down and make a move so as to greet her. From there on you should be able to get along with her.

They are always available when you need something.

It reaches a time when even your closest friends can be unreliable at a times. Its only your crush can help you doing this time. They may not be your friend but they can be always there to offer help to you. Most of them do wait for that opportunity so that they may spend your time together. Its during this time that they express their gratitude to you.

They always initiate contact first.

No one actually likes sending many texts at once. Do you always like to be the one who starts a conversation each and every time? If a girl has a crush on you she will never be shy to be the one to text first. They will always text you when they think of you. Do not always be uncomfortable when they initiate contact first. You should always take it as a compliment and return back the favour that is when you feel like talking to them too.

They always have something to tell you.

This kind of people do keep the conversation going. They never lack something to discuss with you. It usually says alot if they try to reach you all the time. So if you have that kind of person then you are lucky. You should always keep the conversation going too.

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