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11 Signs Of A Woman Who Loves You, But Fails To Tell You

For a long time there has been a wave of misconceptions about women and men that a woman cannot tell a man the truth if she loves him, most of them wait until the man starts to express his feelings, but it is an indisputable fact that women also love and many of them are not ready to be open and often when they start to love they really love to the point of feeling uneasy in the things they do.

I have listed some of the signs of a woman who loves you but is afraid to tell you for fear of how she will appear in public or be afraid of what she wants to tell you by thinking about what it will be like if you are not ready to be with her.

1. To give you a little temptation to know its value to you.

He does things that will make him see if you love and appreciate him or not, an example of those things is like pretending to be sick and looking at your response to him, to realize how much you care about him and how much you will worry about him.

2. Touch a part of your body.

A woman who has feelings for sex is not ashamed to touch a part of your body. She may hold your hand or hug you or even hug you for romantic feelings. By doing so you can set yourself a certain percentage to know how much he can be with you in a relationship if he reveals his feelings to you, and your response to him, will make it easier for him to be with you in any way.

3. Keep close to you.

He can agree with you on anything even if it doesn't make sense if you just talk to him just to show that he is with you and perhaps make it easier for him to express his feelings for you. He will often show a happy face even if it is not real happiness and likes to be around you even by communication, visiting you at work or at home as well and is willing to spend any kind of cost to be around you.

4. Jealousy.

He feels jealous when he sees you with other girls. They may be your co-workers or you may be accompanied by your siblings but without realizing it, they become very jealous as soon as they see you in an environment surrounded by other girls, and they get hurt if they hear you call each other romantic names no matter if you are joking they are jealous . You want those things done only for you, even if you are not your partner.

5. You remember all the important events about you.

You do not remember all the important events about you such as your important days and even the course of your life if you are a student will know your graduation day, employee, and if you are a football player can know your tournament schedule, your favorite teams and so on. You remember your birthday will never be forgotten to pass without wishing you a happy birthday if you don't pass the test or anything in your life will be at the forefront of congratulating you.

6. He loves to look at you with interest.

He prefers to look you in the eye whenever you talk to him, thinking that you will be able to read his feelings. But some people are embarrassed to look at the boys they love so they look at them very rarely but only with romantic feelings that can lead a man to feel something is going on with that woman.

7. They love to have you want to know you better.

They like to spend a lot of time with you. He won’t waste even a minute if you need him for a conversation. She feels happy to be with you for so long and stays tireless. He may give up everything he does even if it grew up being an important task for him to associate with you and if he stays with you he prefers at first to know you more and does not create an environment for you to be open to tell him more about you. and also with you he will be more open about he loves to know your stuff and tell you his stuff and he likes to know what clothes he is wearing he is more attractive and he will try to please you as much as he can.

8. They give up.

If a girl loves you she is ready to commit to any situation. It is something that is rarely done by people who are normal to you. That is, he is ready to lose his basic needs but you get it. And you can tell someone else that you have nothing, but he did his best to give you what you need such as money and other things.

9. They like to settle your disputes peacefully.

If a conflict arises in your relationship he is not ready to lose you before he tells you I love you, it is possible that you are the one who made the mistake and the source of the conflict but he lowers himself because he loves you and if there is a misunderstanding then he will

10. They love to buy you gifts.

A woman who loves you loves to know a lot about you and then uses many ways to convey her feelings for example buy you gifts like underwear, or buy you perfume, perfume bath soap, socks, watches, rubber, t-shirts. And if you go out together and go to different shopping places he will love to show you things and if you seem to like something he will not buy it that day but he will buy it another day and bring it as a surprise.

11. Likes participant important events together.

A woman who loves you to know you better prefers to be with you at different times like having dinner together, and sometimes she would prefer to come and cook for you and to have a chance to share a meal with you, go to the stadium to watch competitions or even comfortable venues together.

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