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Dating Tips. Does Age Really Matter?

The big question that troubles many and leave many people wondering is if the age difference matters in a relationship. Many people prefer ladies being younger and men being older.

In my opinion, and based on the research I have done, many people prefer it that way because, when a man and a woman are of the same age, in most cases, you will find that a woman is most likely to be more amture than the man.

Research shows that women mature faster as compared to men. In this case, the woman is most likely to be on top of everything. But again, this is just a percentage and not all women and men are like this. In some cases you will find very young mature men. Men who are ready for relationships. So this does not necessarily mean that when you date a man younger than you then he is not mature enough for you.

Personally, I don't think that the age difference really matter. So long as there is understanding, respect in equal measures then the couple is good to go. Age does not matter. The level of maturity does.

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