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Opinion: 3 Things That Will Make Women Chase After You

Modern day problems need modern tricks to solve. This is the same for relationships. If you want the attention of ladies, then you have to use modern tactics. Below are some of them.

1. Have money. This is the first thing ladies look at in a guy today. You will agree with me that ladies are rarely attracted to broke guys. Hustle and make your own money if you want to get a girl. It is true that money is not the most important thing in life but in the reality we live in, I think you know it better. Money speaks.

2. Be romantic. Don't be a boring boyfriend all the time. Ladies love a guy who is always making them happy. If you are boring you will never find ladies attracted to you. This is why you find most of the "bad boys" having dozens of ladies around them.

3. Love to party. This is another thing in the modern world that you should never forget about. Each day is a day to party and if you find yourself to be an outcast of parties then you will just see your friends going out with them. Ladies love going to parties and to attract them you should be a master in this. This doesn't necessary mean you engage in dirty actions. There are good mannered parties you can attend.

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