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Remember The 'UNUSUAL’ Conjoined Twins Abandoned By Parents, This Is How They Are 16 Years Later

This conjoined twins Macey, Mackenzie and Madalline were born to parents who could not take care of them since they were drug addicts. Putting into consideration Mackenzie and Madelline were conjoined and therefore the parents gave them away at a tender age to a total stranger, who became part and parcel of this beautiful babies lives and gave them the care and love they needed.

Mackenzie and madelline never used to share any crucial body parts that could hinder an operation. They underwent a successful operations which left each one of them with one leg.

Despite some physical limitation, the girls live pretty normal lives and play like other children. They also share the same chores like doing the dishes, as their sister Macey.

Now at 16, the girls are enthusiastic, full of life and are living a happy life in a good home and have loving parents as well as brothers brothers.

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