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Make A Long Relationship Successful

Long distance relationship is not easy to maintain but this should not ruin your relationship with your partner.

Attitude, personality , Trust ,Faith, Satisfaction are the determinants of you long distance relationship.

Below are Nine Objective to maintain your long distance relationship .

1. Stay in contact

Due to the improved technology you can make him/her feel that you are close to each by frequently video calling . No matter how minor you will discuss / chant is enough to show that you value your relationship .

- Learn your partners preferred method of communication

- Inform him/her you day schedule ; this help your partner know when to intact you.

2. Get to know each other

You should spend some time to understand ones behavior

Knowing each other better helps partners to know the kind of gifts to change .

3. Visit often

Plan a visit to your partner as face to face communication is just as important as having relationship satisfaction, commitment and trust .

- During your period of visit take your partner to a desired vacation ground , this will help your partner feel special.

4. Be committed to each other

Be open and honest by sharing your private information . You should both be morally committed to each other , continuing the relationship because of personal values not because of social pressure.

5. Talk about the dullest thing in your life

Do not feel shy to tell your partner what you encountered in the course of the day.

6. Remember that your partner is human

Every human has feelings . And feeling do affect long distance relationship mostly negatively as partners might meet more admires . To solve the problem be faithful at all times and keep your relationship ornament/ symbol like ring necklace open at all times .

7. Discuss the nature of your relationship

By asking questions that is important to your relationship and decide what kind of relationship you want to make.

8. Share something

Create something that you can share such as online blog , Facebook account or Page . This will give you a new way to communicate your ideas and make something out of it.

9. Be for each other at all times

Ensure you are there to your partner during happy moments and during difficult situation . Support one another both financially and mentally .

** Love 💕 doesn't choose the distance but Trust and believe in God by both partners.**

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