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Things to talk about before moving in with your partner.

Many people are now normalizing moving in with their partners for various reasons. While they think it'll be fun and a bed of roses, most relationships end up crumbling down afew months after moving in.

The following topics have the potential of saving a relationship from ending;

1. Needs and expectations

It is very important to know what you need from your partner before taking the step to move in with them. What do you expect from them? What progress do you want to make with them? This will save you alot of confusion and dissapointments.

2. Finances and spending

Now that you guys will live together, you should know how to settle your bills and pay for services. Talk about splitting the responsibility. If either of you is earning more than the other, you should know how to balance it too. What if either of you looses their job? Will your partner be in position to support you and pay the bills without complaining and making you feel less of a human being?

3. Boundaries

Everyone has boundaries. Things they don't like, those that make them feel disrespected and their rules. As a lover, you should know the lanes to keep and the lines never to cross so that you don't hurt your partner. This should be mutual. They should know yours and you know theirs. That way, your relationship will be healthier.

4. House work

Laundry, cooking, cleaning and tidying up. You guys should know who will do what chores and at what time. However, some men leave everything to the lady and this can be so tiring and overwhelming. This may make her too busy and tired to even want to get sexual with you.

5. Intimacy

Do not skip the sex talk!! Talk about what you want and how you want it done. What you are comfortable doing and what you not. What you have always wished to try. Remember to be open to new ideas to break monotone.

6. Work

What time do you go to work? When do you come back? Can you balance work and your personal life without mixing them or taking frustrations on your partner? These are the issues you should talk about concerning work. Agreeing on your schedules and time is very important.

7. Childhood traumas and fears

Talk about your past, what happened to you? Why do you behave and react to things the way you do? This will help your partner understand you more and even be gentle with you. However talk about limits. You should not hurt your partner in the process of your breakdowns. Tell them your fears. All the things that make you you.

8. Alone time

Everyone needs time to be alone, meditate, nourish your soul, pray. Have your silent time. As a couple, you should know each other's time and respect it. Do not interfere with them when they are alone.

9. Children

What if she gets paged? Do you want kids? Are you in a position to bring up a kid Incase protection fails?

10. Family

You guys should talk about each other's families. Their reactions and habits. Incase they reject your partner are you in position to defend them, stand your ground and remain on their side?

Thank you for reading. Please drop your views.

Content created and supplied by: Flavianfufu (via Opera News )


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