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Red Flags That The Person You Dating Might Be Having Multiple Partners

Trust is a key cornerstone that will build a strong and long-lasting relationship that can eventually lead to a happy marriage. Most partners in a romantic relationship always have the insatiable urge to get proof that their partners are faithful to them. This article reveals basic signs that can enable one to know if their partner is seeing someone else and make the best decision to avoid heartbreaks and toxic relationships.

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1. They don't like you visiting them

If your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you petty excuses whenever you want to visit them, then there is a need to be concerned. This is because they fear that going there might be inappropriate and cause dramas as the other person they might be dating can bust in any time unannounced. Another indicator is when your partner ensures to clear off any luggage you might have left there behind. In other circumstances, they will always be more willing to come to your residence compared to visiting them. Photo: Courtesy

2. Strange phone calls that always go unanswered

You may notice that your partner's phone is always blowing up and they never bother to check on it or respond to the calls when you're around. This is obvious they do not want you to hear the conversation with the mysterious caller and they usually don't give any satisfactory explanation why they can't pick the calls. Photo: Courtesy

3. Several days without talking to you

Someone who loves you alone and values you will always ensure they call or text you daily. Whenever you notice your girlfriend or boyfriend does not value talking to you and avoids picking your calls, then this is a clear indication that he or she might be busy and probably engrossed in a cozy moment with another partner elsewhere. Sometimes, one can be busy but someone who loves you and knows your worth will always find time for you. Photo: Courtesy

I hope this article was educative enough to enable you to make the best decision concerning your relationship. It's always advisable to move on and find a loving partner than stay in a toxic relationship. Drop your comments below, like, share and follow this channel for more news updates.

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