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Things Women Say When Angry

Things Women Say When ANGRY

1.I’m not angry

Obviously, this denial is false. She's trying to say that her anger is not irrational but rooted in real cause, and she wants you to listen.

2.I am fine

One of the things women do when angry is deny it. Women feel their partner should sense they are angry and understand the reasons without being told.


3.You always

When it comes to memory, women beat elephants. They remember your transgressions from years ago. You always say that, you always act like that, you always do that.

4.You never listen 

This statement is a genuine expression of frustration. Men have a tendency to switch off when talking about emotions and women want their feelings to be heard.

5.You don’t understand

 Often in an argument, men don't respond the way women expect. This is one of the things women do or say when they feel men are brushing aside their feelings.

6.Do what you want 

This signifies moderate frustration. Don't take the words literally. She's not actually giving you permission to do what you want but washing her hands off you.

7.You’re just like your father

 This is one of the more hurtful things women do when angry. Most men hate to be compared to their fathers especially if they have been emotionally distant or violent.

8.My mother was right 

Many mothers think their daughters could've married better and by making this comment the woman knows she can really hurt the man.

9.Even my friends say so

 If your woman has a tight set of friends, good for her but tough for you. Her friends' opinions will be used as clinchers in every argument.

10.My life sucks because of you

 This is another thing women do when angry just to get a reaction out of you. It is unlikely she actually means it.

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