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Ladies Please Avoid Doing This When Visit him in his House

Sometimes your man may find it so hard to tell you somethings that hurt him. This is because he don't want to hurt you. Sometimes he may even try to tell you indirectly. There are some practices or behaviors each man don't want to see from his wife or girlfriend. Mostly if do visit him at his place make sure you avoid these behaviors.

The first thing is to avoid using your phone all time even whe he is there talking to you. Its even wise to just keep your phone away anytime you are together. This doesn't mean you shouldn't pick importantant calls, no by this I mean you should not keep using your phone while he is there.

Secondly, stop the behavior of checking his bag or his stuffs to check if there is any evidence to show that there is another woman who do visit him. If he get to realize this, it may hurt him mostly if he knows well that he is royal. When you start doubting him then you make him feel bad. Some ladies get to an extent of asking neighbors if there is another lady that do visit him.

Another bad behavior is to sleep the whole day. Even if he don't tell you, just know that he is not happy by the fact that you sleep all day. You don't have to wake up so early but atleast wake and and assist him with some work in the house. You can wash dishes or even keep him company as he do other work.

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