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What keeps relationships together or rather pulls them apart?

Regular communication 

A lot of close relationships seem to disintegrate because of lack of communication.Communication is critical in any quality relationship so try to main ta an on-going connection.This can be done through regular calls,emails or social media although nothing beats face to face communication

Focus on the other person

To keep a relationship strong ,it is important to give attention to the other individual in order to appreciate the person and want to know what is happening in their life.There is need to be a balance give and take in terms of support.This simply means that you cannot expect the other person to be there when you need support I you are not there for them in roughly equivalent amounts.

Rewarding interactions

When you get in touch with your partner ,try to make each interaction as positive as possible.Even when that is some conflict or disagreement ,try to end the encounter on a positive note.Rewarding positive interactions strengthens the desire to maintain the relationship and increases the chances of getting together again.


Do not give up on the relationship!Oftenly,other aspects of our live i.e. work or family take precedence over our friendships and we neglect to maintain them.

Maintain positive emotion 

Although there will be disagreements and some hard times ,balance out those negative feelings with positive effect.

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