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Muranga women wants Government to help their husbands from Alcoholism

Women in Muranga County have come out in public to address the biggest challenge facing. Many being young single mothers and widows,they want the county government to put more effort to bring their husbands home.

Pubs and bars get opened during morning hours and get closed late nights selling alcohol. This should come to the attention of the national security since most men are getting lured to alcohol and spending all their money.

What pains the Muranga women most is the behavior their men. They have completely abandoned their responsibility as men their house. They don't leave food money or even pay school fees to their kids.

These women complain that these local Muratina breweries should be closed immediately. Their men have lost their menhood power of satisfying their women in bed. All their do when they get into the house is sleep.

Now the Women in Muranga want immediately attention given to their men to help save their marriage.

These images of young men has been on circulation.

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