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Guys; Here Are 3 Things That Makes A Girl Get Annoyed With You.

Attraction is as a very strong feeling that people do undergo on their lives. A times this attraction may come to an end because of one reason or the other. In this article am going to narrow down to various issues that makes girls to get annoyed with you.

1. Over talking on phone with people she don't know.

Many relationships have broken because of issues emerging from phones. Phones are a big barrier to relationships and therefore, it is advisable to avoid your partners phone. When you over talk on your phone, you will make your girl get annoyed with you thinking that you are talking to other ladies, thus breaking your relationship.

2. Being harsh to your partner.

As a man you have to be respectful enough to your partner by addressing her in a right manner. Ladies love polite language and therefore being harsh may make her be annoyed with you thus bringing issues to your relationship.

3. Giving her many duties to perform.

Men should assist their fiance in performing different duties. For instance, help her up to including house task. Help her in cooking, cleaning the house among others. By doing so she will never get tired of you and therefore you will live a happy life.

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