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Jemutai Says She Is Still In Good Terms With Professor Hamo.

Jemutai Comedian revealed that she is still in good terms with prof Hamo so as to rubish all the claims sorrounding her relationship issues. Many thought that Jemutai broke up with Prof Hamo due to the failure to show off in social media like before. Jemutai claims that it is not a must that they hang around together so that Kenyans can proof that they are still together.

During the interview that was conducted in Milele FM, Jemutai courageously spoke to the public saying that she is still in good terms with Professor Hamo, his baby daddy. She claims that failure to post photos when they are together in social media is not the reason behind their break up. "Si lazima tutembee na Hamo kila mahali" but still our love is intact, she utters.

Jemutai just reconciled some months ago with Prof Hamo after a tremendous battle that arose due failure of Prof Hamo to deliver his services as expected. This made them break up after Jemutai was left alone taking care of all stuffs concerning the kids.

But now things are in line after they came back together although they do not take to social media their love stories like before. They have bought land together and they are now busy doing constructions, meaning that they are ready to settle down. One love between Jemutai Comedian and Proof. Hamo.

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