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Do You Show Him Love? These are 7 Ways That Will Make Him Feel Like a King.

This how to make your man feel happy and as a king always;

1. Prepare meals well.

The extent to which he loves you depends on your cooking skills. Prepare him a delicious meal always. Men like it when they eat food prepared by their partners. Incase you have difficulties in cooking try to read books or find it from internet.

2. Praise him

Men love it when they are complimented by their women they love. Go to an extend of telling him how cute he is and how you like his dressing code. Remind him how he is a hardworking guy and you are really proud of him.

3. Show him bed love

Get things working in bedroom create a romantic environment. Make the game interesting by putting in more effort just to make him happy.

4. Be neat always

When you look neat he will love you more because you are still creating that attractive environment around you. Be clean and change your hair style regularly just to ensure that you don't look shaggy.

5. Have respect

Respecting your guy is the greatest gift you can give him. This is because, this is a more valuable thing to men. Listen to what he says and agree with his decision always even if you know he needs your views too. Be careful when speaking to him, avoid shouting and using abusive language as this clearly shows how disrespectful you are.

6. Do not concentrate to much on your phone 

Do not make him feel more bored by concentrating on your phone. When you are together, give him time as this is the time to demonstrate your romance together. In case you are using your phone text him or send him love pictures. He will really appreciate you for doing this to him.

7. Buy him something.

Make you shopping lovely too. When you are going to the supermarket buy him fruits he loves or even clothes and bring it together with what you have bought. This is a clear sign that you take good care of him and you remember him too.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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