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Is He The Jealous Type? Here are Four Things That Say So

Jealousy is a virtue no woman wants in a man. Dating a jealous man can be one of the most stringent tests for a woman. 

A jealous man is not easy to please. A man with such a character can be identified easily by looking at the following as reported by

1. He gets angry easily

A jealous man gets angry at the slightest thing a woman does. He pretends he is perfect. He holds onto grudges for too long. A man who gets angry very fast is not worth dating.

2. He’s unhappy whenever you talk about other people's success

A jealous man only wants you to talk about him. He does not feel happy whenever you start talking about other people. It is even worse when you talk about other men in his presence.

3. He’s too possessive 

A man who is jealous is also possessive. He does not want you to relate to other people. He feels he is the only one who should relate with you. Having such a man in your life can be tough.

4. He doesn't want you to keep photo's of your friends

A jealous man will not allow you to keep photos of other men including your old time friends. He will get annoyed whenever he sees these photos. Keep them away if you know he is jealous.

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