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How To Know A Man Isn't Interested In You Again

When a man is in love ,you will definitely know and notice it.He will do everything possible to make you happy and smile always.He is there for you no matter what with good compliments to make you happy.The moment he start losing interest in you,you will definitely notice no matter what.Below are the top signs to know when he is in love again.

1.He is always busy all the time.Always not picking up your calls or replying text messages.When you make calls to your man and he is ever busy that is a red flag alert that he is not interested anymore to you.

2.When he is making excuses of not seeing you,know that he is somewhere else.He can make excuses not to meet up or see each other.

3.He is always picking a fight with you.When he start complaining and start accusing you of every mistake know that he wants to dump you.He is accusing you as a scapegoat to leave you.

4.When he starts acting rude with violence towards you know that he wants you to leave him.He can hurt you and make you feel down and even cry because of his attitude towards you.

5.When he stops having your future plans like of marriage know that he is leaving you.He also ignores you.So try to check some of the signs above as they are the red flags.

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