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Opinion:Why Some People Fear Dating Someone With A Kid

Dating someone with a kid can be complicated at times. Life may be hard enough with somebody who has the baggage of child belonging bro another person this may bring challenges in the relationships.

Some people are very good, loving and caring wives just that along their love life a misfortune befell them. Otherwise if you get a good wife and you have money that can bring up the child. The main problem is some ladies usually leave someone because they are broke or they are still students. They start dating working class people only to get money not knowing when they impregnate them they run away leaving responsibilities for other people.

What you should know before dating someone with a kid.

1. If there is another parent in the picture,and what is the dynamic like.

2.Your lifestyles compatible.

3.How involved are you with their kid,and much do the kid to be involved.

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