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Men, 9 Things That Shows Your Woman is Insecure in The Relationship.

A woman insecure state indicates how she really loves you thus she will always want to find out how you are carrying yourself around. This is how to tell when your woman is in this condition.

1. Always jealous.

You will notice this when she questions you when you are with friends. She will want to always know where you are, what you are doing and who you are with at the moment. When she is behaving like this then just know she is not settled.

2. She confirms texts in your phone. 

Once a woman starts suspecting you, then she will not have peace at all provided that she really loves you. She will always ask for your phone password and go through it just to know who called or texted you. This the most common sign of an insecure woman.

3. She logs into your online platforms.

In today's world the introduction of social media has made socialization to be easy. It is also the place where you can easily communicate to your partner. If she is really into your online plat form such as facebook, Instagram or tweeter, then she is really afraid that you might be talking some woman somewhere.

4. She always want to be sure.

She always want to be sure that she is the only woman you have in your life. Therefore, she will always ask you if you really love her. You notice that this question is repeated almost every day.

5. She needs you around her 

This means that she wants you to be around her all the time. She will not allow you to meet your friends or even family member and if you do so, then she should accompany you. By doing this she is worried about losing you to someone else.

6. She never meets her friends

An insecure wife will try to keep away from her friends just to ensure she takes care of you. She will now stop going out for her hobby with fear that you might change your mind or use the time for attending to another lady.

7. She needs instant responses 

This is a clear Indicators especially when you are away from her. She expects that when receive her text you reply it instantly and if you fail, then she will be unsettled until you come back. When she sends one text and you don't reply it she will still send several ones telling you how you are not responding back and accuse you for attending to other women.

8. She excessively apologizes.

She is very keen when talking to you not to offend you. If she realize that she has made you sad, then she will apologize immediately and even repeat to as for forgiveness when she realizes that you are still unhappy.

9. She will point at other for mistakes done.

She will do this just to cover herself and avoid from blaming her. When she does something wrong in your absentia, she will point to someone else just to avoid you from being disappointed.

Now you know. Do you agree with this? Let's us share too in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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