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Opinion: Guys, Here Are Girls That Won't Give You A Hard Time To Date

Some ladies play hard to get and this pisses off most guys. Guys love ladies who are simple and don't see themselves to be expensive like others behave. In this article I will share with you some behaviors of ladies that you can easily date without having to face any difficulties.

1. Ladies who tend to be touchy. I guess you have ever experienced this. Some ladies will hold your hands or lean to your shoulder during a conversation. Such girls are easy to date and not because they are cheap but because they are social. You won't stress yourself with a lot of things to win her.

2. They tell you how desperate they are to have a boyfriend. A girl who wants to have a boyfriend won't act tough in front of men. She will be loose as she is desperate to have one. When she talks of how desperate she is to date, just know that she won't be troublesome to date.

3. They rarely say no when you request for something from them. Let's say you ask her out for a drink late at night and she says yes, she is the type of girl that will not give you a hard time dating. She is open and social to interact with freely.

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