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"I Sired Twins With My Mother," See What Happened To This Man After The Act

For ten years,the said man worked in one of the first generation banks and become the branch manager at 30 years.But currently,the man has been living from hand to mouth.Today he is 72 years and suffering because of sins he committed against his mother.

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The man narrated how he met his mother who had slept carelessly in her room half-naked.One evening she was watching an adult film in her room and he joined her and he accidentally slept with his mother.The habit continued to a point that he found no other lady attractive,he later moved in with her mother in a new apartment he had bought.

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They sired twins which were born in the 1980's.However the twin's life changed and their life has become tough despite studying good courses and graduating in university.The man cannot do any tangible activity since he his health is not good.The man requests men to avoid such acts since it's an abomination that will affect their lives forever.

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