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Three things a girl can do to have a man She loves

Love is inevitable, uncontrollable and unprotactable in either way, it has strong roots which cannot be easily uprooted whenever it has grown. we can acertain it by considering some of the things that a girl can do to have her beloved one through the following ways.

1) she can sacrifice her life whichever it takes;

Parents always pay close supervision to their children and it's their role, they mostly take care of their girls observing any single step that they take. Once a girl gets engaged to someone she truly loves she can't be controlled by his parents, even with their arrogance manner, they can't manage it, parent can decide to punish their girl maybe to give them a lessons that would make her give up but no, they accept the punishment but on the next day, parents will still find her with the same man, whichever it takes, she may not avoid because she loves him , these habit will grow until the parents give up because they can punish her forever.

2) she can abandon her family, everything they provide to her and choose a pathetic life where he can't even have the basic needs that she requires in her life, she can forget her whole lineage only because of one man, a man that she loves and makes her Happy throughout, his brothers or sisters will be nothing to her since they cannot provide her with such enough happiness.

3) she can forget her future ;a time comes when a girl sees no more meaning of future without her man, she can quit everything that it's mend to build her future such as education, she can drop out of school, and spend time with her man, others can pretend to be studying yet their most time they spent with their men instead of going to school, parent may think that she is in school, teachers think that she is at home, but in real sense she is with her man.

We can therefore conclude that love is something stronger, it can make someone to become a normal crazy being. Parents have to understand their girls, they have to advice them on how to cope with situations, through these, everything will be ok for them as they will be able to control themselves.

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